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"The Ball" takes you on an intimate journey into the underground ballroom culture created by marginalized

LGBTQ people of color in early 1970s NYC. Thirty years after

"Paris Is Burning," the ballroom is thriving worldwide,

and "The Ball" gives you an in-depth perspective of courage

in the face of adversity.


Narrated by the voice of ballroom icon Jack Mizrahi Gucci,  featuring some of the ballroom's most influential

and larger-than-life personalities

(Kelly Gucci, Omari Oricci, Chi Chi West, Meah West,

and Trace Gucci). Opening up about family rejection and acceptance, introducing the chosen family concept, its importance to the LGBTQ community, and its contribution to the entertainment industry. 

"The Ball" provides first-hand access to this unique art form. The glamour, competition, skill, and hard work of all involved will leave you wanting to experience "The Ball"  for yourself. 


THE BALL is a feature documentary narrated by ballroom household persona Jack Mizrahi. The film was in the making for over a decade. The BALL sheds light on underground vogue culture, and it's becoming in the mainstream popular culture by making on to the TV channels with shows like "POSE" and "LEGENDARY."

The House of Mizrahi has existed for over 30 years, creating a legacy for decades. With a glimpse into the life of a few, we get to experience a story of in-powering a culture that sheltered generations of LGBTQ members from social harshness, rejection, and homelessness.

With a commanding preacher-like voice, Jack Mizrahi tells us a story of perseverance and ultimate acceptance. He conducts the history of his community and striving for success that he was never allowed to. Jack assembles the ballroom’s future in his early prophecies, and we are getting a front-row seat to its becoming. 

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All Videos

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Filmmaker,  Photographer, and Video Editor with a background in fashion, nightlife, and advertising. Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, she moved to NYC in 2003, where she discovered her passion for film and photography.



Writer, Producer, and Actor. Known as the “voice of the Ballroom scene”, Mizrahi is revered for his services as the Master of Ceremony across the nation and abroad.



Daniel Marracino - Executive Producer  is a filmmaker, cinematographer, and photographer. Marracino has lensed over 1000 multi camera fashion shows and has shot 15 feature documentary films with several top all time top grossing theatrical productions.


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Kelly Gucci

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Chi Chi West

Jack Mizrahi

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Omari Oricci

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Meah West

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Trace Gucci


The inspiration for this film was larger-than-life Jack Mizrahi, revered for his service as a Master of Ceremony across the nation and abroad. He is the voice of the ballroom. I met Jack over ten years ago & we clicked instantly. I started attending the ballroom functions he hosted, to which he has always encouraged me to film. We became friends, and the more time we spent together, the more I understood his greatness. We didn't know it then, but throughout making this film, he became a writer, a consultant, and an actor on the TV show "POSE." An executive producer on all three seasons of HBO's Max "LEGENDARY." He has produced several ad campaigns with Equinox and Coach and hosted the 2019 Met Gala Performance.  


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